If you think selfies are st*pid you are racist, sexist and misogynistic.

Have a good life in the garbage bin.

How the hell can not liking something be racist, sexist, and homophobic. This is either the most ignorant person in the world or the best trolling I’ve ever seen. Either way I am dying from laughter. This is what I’m going to show people when they tell me that sjws should be taken seriously. There are women being sold into slavery and she’s worried about selfies.

The theft of feminism is nothing nascent to anyone studying the chronological order of feminist waves but in the past decade – or more now – one cannot help but notice that female liberation has become ensnared in a perilous liaison with neoliberal efforts to construct a free-market society. This is what we call neoliberal feminism; a feminism that finds nothing inherently depraved with the mechanism of neoliberalism. It is not limited to willfully adopting cutthroat capitalist ideals of power that throw families on the fringe of social institutions but it is also, in Foucauldian terms, a ‘conduct of conduct’ that remains pathologically obsessed with individualist achievements attained primarily in the center of neoliberal bureaucracy. What many present-day activists for women’s rights forget – or choose to remain blind to – is the mode through which capitalism co-opts all sorts of opposition to its own ends. It’s a slippery and ugly slope. An example of this distressing reality is the emergence of pseudo-emancipating ‘feminists’ who state that pornography – a male-dominated, for-profit exploitative industry built on the flesh of women including underaged girls – is a medium through which women can ‘reclaim’ their sexuality. The irony renders one nauseous but even worse: This liberal understanding of a lone individual’s ‘empowerment’ becomes a tool in the destruction of lives on a macro-social level. Stoya and Sasha Grey, we are told, are the real feminists of modern age while women who refuse to become traumatized objects for male consumers are prudish and ‘anti-liberation.’ Yet again, neoliberal feminism partakes in the physical, sexual, mental and economic abusive profiteering of a woman and her rights.
Mehreen Kasana: Of The Neoliberal Feminist - مہرین کسانہ:   (via radicalvulnerabilityl)

I can’t stand this double standard.

"A guy touched your shoulder without permission and now you are scared of all straight men because they are potential rapists? Aww sweetie we totally understand, men are horrible pigs."

"Another woman harassed/raped you and now you’re a bit wary around lesbians? Wow way to be a generalizing homophobe get the fuck over yourself."

I used to compliment people all the time, and you know what happens? “Lol why are you hitting on me” “ummm, thanks” “stop being so creepy” “you just want a compliment in return”

I always compliment people genuinely, and never in an inappropriate way. It’s usually a simple “your hair looks nice today!” Or “that jacket is SO cute!” Or even “you’re really good at math, wow!”

What kind of a society do we live in where platonic, simple compliments are received as vies for attention or as creepy? My friends even told me that complimenting people like that is wrong and is bound to get me filed for sexual harassment.

Like what the actual fuck.

On rape culture

If we actually lived in a ‘Patriarchal Rape Culture’, there would be no laws against it: you’d see it happening on every street corner and nobody batting an eyelid. All depictions of rape in films and TV would have the message that it’s no big deal and that the girl should just suck it up and stop being such a crybaby. That being raped is, in fact, a silly, everyday part of life and as funny as falling off a ladder or stubbing your toe.

But of course, nothing could be further from the truth: in the west, rape is universally considered, after pedophilia and perhaps murder, the very worst crime possible, and depictions in the laws of the land, the education system, the press and other media reflects this absolutely.

In fact, the only times rape is ever treated as trivial or a fit subject for humor is when it happens to men. Which, as you probably know,  is where the term ‘Rape Culture’ first originated: a 1974 documentary about the institutionally accepted prevalance of male rape in the U.S prison system. Yep, the feminists stole that too.